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Staying away from Home

Distance is always hard to battle. Staying away from family sometimes makes the one feel alone. People think that staying away from family makes you independent and strong, you can be what you want to be, and do as you please. But one cannot deny the demerits of staying away…

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Wazir Khan Mosque-Lahore

Traveling to the places which do not seem that significant, is a thrill that tourism inspires. And with that same thrill in our hearts, we headed for a place we had heard little about, and knew that we had not heard of it as one of the greatest tourist spots…

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Greens, Kings and Queens!

There is a fact that many people ignore about a body’s initial health. Your health is directly related to the food you take and the kind of physical exercise you get through the day. Talking of the eating habits, you must have realized that some things are just beyond you…

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Guiding children through emotional stability: let them cry, the first step

It is a universal statement that a mother cannot bear her child’s cries, even if the child is asking for something he should not have. Is that not so with the father as well? I asked that question from some fathers around, and there were some quite interesting replies I…

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A Lifetime Friend

‘Incidents happen to make you realize who is important and who is worthy of you letting go’, that’s what I believe. Starting from my personal opinion, I was the one who didn’t believe in such things as best friends or friends till the last breath. Actually, never even understood such…

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Traveling to an Island with a toddler?

How are you my darlings? I am in an awe, to see so much love pouring my way. I’m enjoying it thoroughly. So, lets get to the point shall we, because I need to finish writing and posting this one before Miss A wakes up. If you were here last…

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