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Fri-Sat At Blue Marlin Ibiza

Hello you all lovely people, Hope you all are having fun in this amazing weather. To make it more fun, I have found you an amazing option to razzle dazzle your weekend. Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE, the happening beach spot is having a blast this weekend. I have jot down…

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In Conversation with Athena’s Maa

Oh yes, it’s Mother’s Day and I am celebrating it like never before. To my darling daughter Athena, THANKYOU for making me a Mother and that too – mothering you <3 Today and every day in our momy tribe, we tend to hear many stories of sleepless nights to twinkling…

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Day 3: Sea Life Aquarium Melbourne

Howdy Everyone, Hope you all are having fun as much as you can, as life is short and there is much fun to do. The digital family is back with their Day3 – visit to Sea Life Aquarium. It is a Southern Ocean and Antarctic aquarium in central Melbourne, Australia. It is…

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My Favorite Woman

Somehow, we grew out of those pink skirts and yellow blouses and small ponytails. Somewhere along the way, we made ourselves walk straighter, head held higher. Along the road, we got the gist of dresses and gowns, wearing rogue and a wind blown curly hair-do. All that while, the world…

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Day 2: Random Rest at Dockland

Wassap lovely people, I hope you guys are enjoying our travel stories from our recent trip Australia. We went their for a quick short trip (business merged with pleasure) so we decided to visit 3 or 4 spots in a day to maximize our fun quotient. So Day 2, was…

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Day 2: Figuring things out

Hello you guys,  So many things, so little time. Nevertheless we are back with Day 2 in Melbourne – figuring things out. Oh Yeaahhhh. We were totally jet lagged and still figuring what to do next.  Woke up at Fajar Time, said my prayer and then off to the mini…

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  • While randomly going through my pictures look what I havehellip
  • G o o d M o r n i nhellip
  • The Little Black Box has arrived ! Thank You matrixprdubaihellip
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  • Thank you Allah for this blessing
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