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BRANDS Just Pret Diwali And Festive Exhibition

Hello beautiful people,  How you all have been? It’s been long isn’t it? But as you all know I have been super busy with my schedule lately. But here I am to give you quick update. If you have been following me on Instagram, you must have seen all the…

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Monday’s Energy Tricks

Monday is here, and so the weekend energy is about to be down to the red light. You are already feeling cranky because you do not want to end up in your boss’s hit list of the week. The energy is dying, and you are praying hard to survive the…

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You are beautiful, so what if you are damaged! 

Well, You all know I look around with a writer’s perspective. Being poetic doesnt always mean you will only write for love and other romanticized phenomenons. its a bigger responsibility than that. Having a poetic soul causes chaos,and that too within yourself. Because you are more sensitive to these things…

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Athena’s Gift by Aima Khalid

She knows the art, How to melt the heart. By just her one smile, She Tears the clouds apart… In the sunshine that follows, Filling the dark hollows, Bringing in through joy, On by the gallows. Through the darker forests Where the trees part, She shines like the moon Enlightening…

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Hello My darlings,  The time has come and the wait is over. My  baby girl has turned 1 and I can’t possibly imagine how time has flown by. But it has been the most ONDERFUL year for me and Sirus as new parents 💕*Allhumdulilah* *touchwood* . And from the bottom…

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The Eyelash Chant

Hello, my beauties! Hope you are feeling as beautiful as you do at the start of the week, although it’s Thursday already, the hectic routine is already taking its toll on that beauty sleep we had finally caught-up with! The wedding season is upon us, and many brides to be…

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