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Putting Our Love Into Actions.

Well, I have grown up in an environment, where love is not only expressed in words but put in actions too. Each and every memory of me at my parents’ house is full of love, kindness and compassion. Of course, my mum is a homemaker, and dad a breadwinner, but…

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Through her eyes

Heya Everyone, Happy 2018. I have started my New Year with love, and passion with my darlings. What about you? How did you start your New Year, share your moments with me. I would love to know. On an other note, I wanted to share some thoughts on how I…

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I wanted to cry…

We have visited Maldives twice. 2015 and 2017, but our second trip made us sad. Because we have seen sea life, budding and blossoming with our own eyes and this time it was not the same. We were disappointed to notice that there are no house reefs where we were…

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Cheer for the Year!

  Upon your light wings Take the sorrow’s burden Jiggling the frights’ abundance Fly them into the wind. You are my shining star Healing my painful scar Leaving behind the ugly worries Ahead, happiness scurries. To you, I look and pray Happiness bundled upon a tray My heart inside overflows…

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Illy comes to Pakistan!

The world famous “Illy” Café and restaurant has just landed in Pakistan. In the world of coffee, one of the very fine names, Illy, the finest Coffee brand of Italy, has opened its first Café and Restaurant in Pakistan, and none other than the city of foodies, Lahore! Illy has…

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Loving, Love…

This is a story. A story about a young boy, who loved, to love. The Boy. It was his birthday. His baby sister came home. His best friend had come to the party. That fateful Thursday night was about to end. The Blossoms in the vase were his collection of…

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