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World Suicide Prevention Day

“I knew that life was precious. I knew it was a gift of nature from God. And I knew it, from heart, that I would not be admired for it. But, what life was dealing me with, the pressure, the utter loss of control, it was beyond me. I only…

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The ZB Foundation Gala Dinner Invite

When life has a purpose for you, it will make you something more than just a human. Well, fortunate enough I know many people who are striving in daily basis to create a difference. And I am here to talk about one of them. Danielle Wilson Naqvi – I met…

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For the love of white

Hello gorgeous people, Hope you having a fab time, as I am because it’s my favorite month. September – holds a special place in my heart, as I was born in September hahaha 😉 no that’s not it .. actually My Maa was born in September too, along with many…

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Eid Edit : Pretty hue; it’s soft blue

Hello beautiful people,  Hope you all are having an amazing time. Eid-ul-adha is two days away, and I am super excited as it’s my Athena’s first celebration. By the way have you all sorted your Eid outfits? If not, I have got you covered. I teamed up with Boulevardone, to…

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Beyond that Curtain

Sometimes, it does seem a bit strange. There is a whole new world that lives outside my porch. There are always speed limits for where I am running for in the house, furniture pieces and doors in the way. But outside that window, peeking on that world that is beyond…

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Pakistan’s Tasteful Identity!

Pakistan is not just a nation which has different cultures and languages under one flag, but that it marvels in the identity that not just one, but all of those cultures represent. Pakistan has great diversity in all that reside in different regions of the country, and thus represent their…

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