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To you,Mama

Have I ever told you that I love you? Have I ever told you that I miss you? The pain is still sharp, when you sent me away. And it just feels like yesterday,when I knew you did not want me to go, but you had to take that step,for…

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Why I took Athena for a play-date?

Athena is too young for a play-date? Umm, no I don’t think so. I took bub out on a play date last week, and it was totally worth it. I have less kids around me, I mean as of Athena’s age, but I took a chance and arranged a meeting…

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Feeble Thoughts at Midnight. . .

So what do you do when life shows you what you were not suppose to see ? If a heart is broken once, would it break any further? When your eyes finally see something that eventually becomes a wound, yes wound; right there in the center of your eye? What do…

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Healthy and Drooling – Yes in one sentence ;)

Flawlessly blending fashion and food, ICONS Coffee Couture introduces its second Cookie Cake flavor Oreo to its assortment. Handmade with zero refined sugar, ICONS’ continues its mission to make the usually so unhealthy sweets & treats as healthy as they can be – while still being deliciously sweet and tasty!…

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Day 4: Healesville Sanctuary

Hello All, I am super excited about  this one. Well, by now you must have realized that  we get extremely enthusiast by animals with whom we share this beautiful planet. So,  here I am, writing about our encounter with Joeys, Koala, Dingos, Wombats and some of the very unique wildlife…

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Splash Eco Fashion Collection Launch

Hello my beautiful fashionistas, How you all doing? First of all a big teddy apology for being away, but there were few things on my part to be sorted. So yes I am back 😉  . Day before yesterday, I was invited to Middle East born fast fashion retailer Splash…

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