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Eid Edit : Pretty hue; it’s soft blue

Hello beautiful people,  Hope you all are having an amazing time. Eid-ul-adha is two days away, and I am super excited as it’s my Athena’s first celebration. By the way have you all sorted your Eid outfits? If not, I have got you covered. I teamed up with Boulevardone, to…

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Beyond that Curtain

Sometimes, it does seem a bit strange. There is a whole new world that lives outside my porch. There are always speed limits for where I am running for in the house, furniture pieces and doors in the way. But outside that window, peeking on that world that is beyond…

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Pakistan’s Tasteful Identity!

Pakistan is not just a nation which has different cultures and languages under one flag, but that it marvels in the identity that not just one, but all of those cultures represent. Pakistan has great diversity in all that reside in different regions of the country, and thus represent their…

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My Pakistan

It is one of the nations, who had the unified account when it came to the constitution of their country. What to gain was the point, not scared for what would be lost for it. In the world of today and tomorrow, such Great Spirit of sacrifice and unity is…

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A Girl In Blue

A girl in blue, stole my heart, Gave me strength, never to fall apart.. The magic that her eyes hold, Casting a spell untold, The winsome smile upon rosy cheeks , She adds sugar to the words I speak… She has brought laughter and joy, My shinning star, my cuddling…

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5 Reasons Why Your Eyebrows Are Thinning

Not everyone is lucky enough to have mega-thick eyebrows. On one hand, there are people who were just born that way and there’s nothing short of an eyebrows hair transplant that they can do, while on the other hand, there are those who suffer from thinning eyebrows for one reason…

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