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The St. Val’s Cake Bouquet Trio – by The Amina’s Kitchen

Valentine’s is around the Wednesday! Everybody, husbands and wives, fiancé’s, and to be affianced, all are drooling over it, and here we are, still the lone valentiners… There is always a thing for celebrations and foods. This second month of the year is already dubbed as “The month of Love”…

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Get Dressed Mamas, in budget and 5 mins

My Glamorous Mamas, Hope you all are having a fab Saturday. Oh, mine is going good too, actually I have some time to myself at this very hour. As Bub and Baba is out for grocery shopping and I am here catching up on emails, articles, and some of my…

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Fashion and Art Merger by Maria Zheleznova

Fashion provides each one of us an avenue to express selves. Fashion designers express themselves through creating of pieces that change the face of style; fashion stylists use it to express their curative skills, while fashionistas use it to express their personalities.  One Dubai resident is however using fashion in…

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The Tola In Murree By Ali Subhan

Traveling is what makes me feel better. It is good for your physical and mental health as well. As it was one of our first visits to the hill stations, we boys were very excited for it. At first, we didn’t think about giving a name to the group, as…

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Pantone’s Color of the Year – Ultra Violet

And the curtains are open! This year, Pantone’s color of the year is a very loving, deep, blue-purple shade, “18-3838 Ultra Violet!” The Pantone has been about the selection of the year’s rep color for almost a decade now. The company, through their research and predictions, comes up with a…

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A Kashmiri girl’s secret letter

I was waiting for my baba, for I knew that when he came back home, he was going to hum himself into the house, pretending that it was just another normal day. And I knew that after he had had his lunch, he would sit in the swing, settle me…

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