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Soul & Zen

You are beautiful, so what if you are damaged! 

Well, You all know I look around with a writer’s perspective. Being poetic doesnt always mean you will only write for love and other romanticized…

World Suicide Prevention Day

“I knew that life was precious. I knew it was a gift of nature from God. And I knew it, from heart, that I would…

The ZB Foundation Gala Dinner Invite

When life has a purpose for you, it will make you something more than just a human. Well, fortunate enough I know many people who…

Beyond that Curtain

Sometimes, it does seem a bit strange. There is a whole new world that lives outside my porch. There are always speed limits for where…

My Pakistan

It is one of the nations, who had the unified account when it came to the constitution of their country. What to gain was the…

Who am I – Just another website?

Hello all,  I am actually disturbed today. Yes really, and since I have been pouring my heart out with you all, I think you guys…

  • Because life is not about perfect moments its about takinghellip
  • Its not in their control They try their best tohellip
  • The season is here ! Outdoors and hoodies life ishellip
  • In between motherhood whenever I have time I indulge inhellip
  • I love Urdu Adab and I feel blessed to havehellip
  • Melancholy were the sounds on a winters night Dress Customizedhellip
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