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Let’s Have Gazebo Tonight

Heya my foodies,  How are you all? I know, I have been busy and not been active but there are so many things I am…

Let’s Sip Some Gold, shall we?

Experience the epitome of indulgence at Armani Hotel Dubai with its signature Gold Cappuccino! Sprinkled with real 23 carat gold flakes, this luxurious blend of…

Lahore Food Junction: Bar. B. Q Tonight

It has been 25 years that Bar. B. Q Tonight has been serving the world with their delicious cuisine, and why am I only hearing…

Lunch At Cafe Des Artistes

Hello Foodies,  How you doing? 😉 (oh yah! I have been watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. lately). Apology for being away for sometime, as you know I have…

Special Chocolate Package By GODIVA

Luxury Belgian Chocolatier, GODIVA, has launched its latest bespoke assortment of premium chocolates across all boutiques and cafes across the UAE, just in time for…

Mr. Sheeda in Town

Someone asked if I knew where Mr. Sheeda was. “Seriously, how could I know where your milkman would be?” And came the answering bout of…

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