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Monday’s Energy Tricks

Monday is here, and so the weekend energy is about to be down to the red light. You are already feeling cranky because you do…

The Eyelash Chant

Hello, my beauties! Hope you are feeling as beautiful as you do at the start of the week, although it’s Thursday already, the hectic routine…

World Suicide Prevention Day

“I knew that life was precious. I knew it was a gift of nature from God. And I knew it, from heart, that I would…

Beyond that Curtain

Sometimes, it does seem a bit strange. There is a whole new world that lives outside my porch. There are always speed limits for where…

Pakistan’s Tasteful Identity!

Pakistan is not just a nation which has different cultures and languages under one flag, but that it marvels in the identity that not just…

My Pakistan

It is one of the nations, who had the unified account when it came to the constitution of their country. What to gain was the…

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